Super Bang-O-Matic Driver

The Super Bang-O-Matic Driver is the NEWEST offering for 2016 in the ever-popular Bang-O-Matic line up. This club is the hottest legal head Bang has ever designed! This is one Mean Machine! A new proprietary face heat treatment produces faster transfer of energy to the ball and lower spin ratio. High MOI because of the unique weight ports in the right places. Internal weighting design to enhance mid/high trajectory to produce on-a-string point and shoot drives off the tee! Off center hits produce outstanding fairway hitting results. The sound is Loud and Proud. The SUPER Bang-O-Matic is quite simply: SUPER!

Bang-O-Matic Driver

539 Yard World Long Drive Record Holder. Golf Digest Recomended Product.

The Bang-O-Matic Driver is the best selling component golf club head EVER in the history of the golf business. The perfect design for all skill levels. It has won on the PGA Tour and the European Tour. It has been played on every Tour in the world at one time or another. It holds the Men's RE/MAX Long Drive record at 539 yards. It has won the Ladies RE/MAX Long Drive Championship and set a long drive record that held up for almost 15 years. It has won many other RE/MAX long drive titles. More...

ST539 Driver

The ST539 Bang-O-Matic was introduced to honor Scott Smith's 539 yard RE/MAX Long Drive record. This record is still intact. The ST539 is a cast all Beta Titanium head. This process is much more expensive than forging and you must make a separate tooling for each loft. Casting is also much more consistent from head to head. Because of the proprietary heat treatment the 'feel' on this head is extraordinary and flight characteristics are mid-high launch with low spin for amazing roll-out. Expensive? Yes. But, your game is worth it!

BangStorm Drivers

World Long Drive Champion Winner.

The Bang Storm 460cc Beta-Titanium Driver was designed for golfers that want a boring trajectory for maximum roll out. The flight characteristics off the clubface dictates a low to mid ball flight. The face of the Bang Storm is huge...a deep face that is desirable for this type playability. Higher handicapper may want to go up 1/2* to 1* in loft. One of the Top college players in the country just ordered his 2nd Bang Storm Driver. And YES...he purchased the Driver. Create your own weather front with the Bang Storm Driver...your competition will run for cover!

Big Big Bang 525 Driver

The Big Big Bang 525cc is the golf club that made the USGA and R&A institute size limitations on all golf clubs. That is a fact. This golf club is long, loud and proud! It's so loud it will scare women and children. It's so long off the tee it will scare your fellow foursome. Get ready to yell "fore" excessively to the group playing in front of you. This Monster eats the other club companies for breakfast and spits them out for lunch! It's Illegal and ridiculously long. If you are a casual player...don't miss out on this Monster. Trust us.

Bang-O-Matic Fairway Wood

The highly regarded Bang-O-Matic fairway woods are the perfect match for your Bang-O-Matic Driver. All Beta Ti and Tungsten weighted for a very low COG. There are other fairway woods and then there is the 'stand alone' Bang-O-Matic fairway woods. Nothing touches these puppies!

Bang-O-Matic Hybrid

The Bang-O-Matic Hybrid is not only a best seller but this beautiful hybrid will work Magic on the golf course and your game! One of the finest designs in all of golfdom of all time. This puppy works! Never will you enjoy confidence like you will with the BOM Hybrid Series which is offered to you in 13 different lofts both RH and LH. No other company understands your needs better than BANG Golf. As we like to say, "We got your game covered". Tom Garber gave the highest rating for Bang Hybrid products, saying that "it is the best club he has ever used in his life". Tom Garber is a highly respected Professional Long Driver and Golf entertainer.

ST539 Fairway Woods

All Beta Titaniuum fairway woods with a low center of gravity to get the ball up and away in dramatic fashion. The 'feel' is extraordinary and the ball explodes off the face. A perfect match for the ST539 Driver. Substance coupled with performance.

ST539 Hybrid

This shallow faced Hybrid is ridiculously EZ to hit! The tungsten internal weighting not only lowers the COG but makes for EZ straight shot making off hardpan and deep rough. This is a Hybrid you can have confidence in under any playing conditions.

BangStorm Fairway Woods

The BangStorm Fairway Wood is cast using maraging steel which is heat treated to produce that super 'feel' you are looking for. Very low COG to get the ball up, out and away. A truly marvelous design to complement the Driver.

Bang-O-Matic CenterCut Iron

Same fine design as the BOM ST539 (The ST539 is softer grade CS than the CC iron). The Center Cut iron is a forged CNC Milled (face and back). The general design of the clubhead with it's low COG makes it EZ to hit that extends to higher handicappers as well as very good players. This set offers from 11* Zero iron up to 65* Zero wedge. No other set in the industry offers such a wide range in both RH and LH irons. A thin top line with wide sole low COG makes for the easiest forged iron on the market concerning playability, feel and performance.
Tom Garber - Bang staffer & 4 time RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship Finalist:

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