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Accessories    Interchangeable Shaft Adapters

CLUB-CONEX Interchangeable Shaft Adapters - DSA

The CLUB-CONEX Interchangeable Shaft Adapter products are designed to provide clubmakers with an affordable, professional fitting system. If you do not fully understand the assembly instructions, please contact us directly.

The hosel adapters should be installed before attempting to install shaft sleeves. This will make the installation process considerably less time consuming.

The hosel adapters and shaft sleeves should not be installed without a comprehensive understanding of our assembly methods. Also, these products can not be used without our installation tool.

The adapters will add an average of 3.0 swing weight points to a finished club. To minimize the additional weight we suggest that you use heads that are 3-4 grams lighter if possible.

We suggest that you add an additional 1.25” to the recommended tip trimming instructions in order to make up for the lack of shaft insertion within the hosel.

We also suggest that you use grips of at least 52 grams. Lighter weight grips will yield a heavier and less desirable swing weight.

Never allow for a club to be tested without tightening the connector by using our installation/fitting tool. The use of any other tool will void our warranty and may cause failure.

The hosel and shaft adapters are available in .335, .350 and .370 diameters. We do not recommend shimming or altering hosel adapters or shafts to fit components that will not accept one of our stock offerings.

To properly tighten the adapter with our tool, be sure to use the open end of the wrench adjacent to the small hex for woods and the larger end of the wrench adjacent to the larger hex for irons.

If using the club during the course of play it is helpful to remove all moisture and loose debris from the connector upon completion of your round.

Occasionally you should clean the threaded area of your connector


Step 1
Lightly sand the hosel adapter on a belt sander or by hand. This helps to ensure that you will achieve a proper bond. Clean the adapter with acetone to remove any excess dust and oil.

Step 2
Insert the hosel adapter within the compression nut so that threaded portion of the nut is pointing upward and the shoulder of the hosel adapter is fitted securely within the lower section of the nut.

Step 3
Place a 7/32” hex key inside the hex slot of the hosel adapter for .335 and .350 adapters and a 6mm hex key within the hex slot for .370 hosel adapters. Apply epoxy within the hosel as well as to the outside of the hosel adapter. Be careful not to use too much epoxy or it will come up through the hex port and get inside the compression nut!

Step 4
Insert connector within the hosel and align the hex key’s handle so that it is running parallel with the club’s leading edge. Be certain that the hosel adapter is pressed completely within the hosel and that the nut is seated flush against the top of the hosel. You can do so by pushing the top of the hosel adapter with the end of a drill bit. Be sure to double check your alignment with the hex key.

Step 5
Clean up all excess epoxy within the hex port on the hosel adapter with acetone and a cotton swab. This process will also need to be performed to the top edge of the hosel as well as the bottom section of the nut and interior threading of the compression nut.

Step 6
Allow the epoxy reach full cure. If the compression nut will not spin freely engage it with the wrench and break the epoxy bond while you continue spinning. It helps to push the nut against the top of the hosel while doing this to remove all excess epoxy. Clean once again with acetone and the nut should spin freely. You are now ready to move on to shaft installation!


Step 1
Prepare the inside of the shaft sleeve by using a sanding mandrel or sandpaper. Once completed, clean the sleeve with acetone and a cotton swap. This will ensure that you will get the strongest bond possible.

Step 2
Follow the recommended tip trimming instructions for the shaft that you are using and add an additional 1.25”. This additional tip trimming is necessary to minimize the effect of the connector. If there is not enough parallel tip section to add the additional 1.25” then tip as much as possible.

Step 3
Prepare only .875” of the tip section of the shaft as you normally would.

Step 4
Insert the shaft sleeve into any head with a previously installed and fully cured hosel adapter. Be sure that the (dot) on the top of the shaft sleeve is located in the twelve o’ clock position so that it is visible by the player at address.

Step 5
Tighten the compression nut and insert the shaft without epoxy into the shaft sleeve and rotate the shaft so that the position you wish to be oriented in the 12 o’clock position matches the (dot) on the top of shaft sleeve.

Step 6
Make an accurate reference mark on the tip section of the shaft with a felt tip marker.

Step 7
Prepare your epoxy and install the shaft matching up the mark on the shaft with the (dot) on the top of the shaft sleeve. To be certain that the shaft is fully seated within the shaft sleeve you can lightly tap the butt end of the shaft against the ground.

Step 8
Clean up any excess epoxy and double check shaft alignment.

Step 9
Once the epoxy is fully cured, you can butt trim to the desired playing length and install your grip using normal assembly procedures.


Step 1
Apply heat to hosel using either a heat gun or a butane micro torch.

Step 2
Insert a hex key and rotate vigorously in either direction to remove adapter. Be sure not to touch the adapter with your fingers, as it will be very hot!

Step 3
Use a cleaning brush or drill bit to remove excess epoxy from bottom of hosel.


Step 1
Wrap a piece of masking tape around shaft just above the shaft sleeve to prevent scratching of the shaft during the shaft removal process.

Step 2
Install into a shaft extractor and apply heat directly to the shaft sleeve with a heat gun or butane micro torch. It should less than 20 seconds to break the bond. Disassemble as normal.

Step 3
Allow shaft sleeve to cool down because it will be very hot. Clean inside of shaft sleeve with a hosel brush and acetone.


SKU Product Name Unit MSRP*
DHA-35 Interchangeable Hosel Adapter .335 EA $19.95
DHA-50 Interchangeable Hosel Adapter .350 EA $19.95
DHA-70 Interchangeable Hosel Adapter .370 EA $19.95
DSA-35 Interchangeable Shaft Sleeve Adapter .335 EA $19.95
DSA-50 Interchangeable Shaft Sleeve Adapter .350 EA $19.95
DSA-70 Interchangeable Shaft Sleeve Adapter .370 EA $19.95
DST Interchangeable Shaft Adapter Tool EA $19.95
* MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) posted here is for North America market only. Overseas retail prices may vary.
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